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Our team is built on our three pillars: Innovation, Transparency & Community.




Innovation relates to our commitment to try new things and take risks both on and off the field. Our style of play will reflect our willingness to take risks.

We believe Transparency is of utmost importance between the club and our fans. It will also be ever present between both sides of the club: field and operations (we are not fans of the term front office).

We are proud members of the Community and will be respectful of our place within it and commit to help those less fortunate members. For example, every game at least 200 tickets will be donated to nonprofits, community centers, and schools.


Our top priority is to put a championship team on the field fueled by local players. More importantly, our overarching goal is to grow this sport for everyone in the Bay Area - more players, more teams, more fans.

We genuinely commit to build upon the strong soccer foundation that’s already in place. Help us make the Bay Area the world’s next great soccer region. Let’s use the hashtag #bayareafutbol to get more people involved and grow the sport.

Sorry if we missed your adult team. If we did, please SEND US your team’s logo and we’ll add it as soon as possible.


We look for people who are passionate and driven, yet humble and fun. We believe great people attract great people. We are building something very special and only want team members who are both up to the challenge, yet cognizant of the once in a lifetime opportunity we have in front of us.



We have brought together the best of two worlds: Brazilian Soccer and San Francisco Bay Area Technology. Some investors are successful business people who are die hard soccer fans from the country with the most World Cup wins - Brazil. Other investors are from the world of technology and have spent time at companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, and Twitter. Further, we have known the majority of them for over 10 years and were invited to participate in this wonderful project because beyond their success, they are truly nice people.